Hexyl.4R – Liquid Soap – 100ml


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Features and Benefits

Hexyl.4R soap is enriched with Hexylresorcinol. With pH balanced, it cleans without aggression, without dehydration, leaving the skin prepared to receive Fluid Hexyl.4R. It can only be used to clean the skin. It can be used twice daily, morning, and evening.

Key Ingredient

Hexylresorcinol: it’s a whitening up to four times more effective than hydroquinone, without causing toxicity and irritation to the skin. Non-photosensitizing, with antioxidant action.

Directions of use

Apply a portion of soap on the moist skin and massage until frothy. Rinse with abundant water. Should be used twice a day.
Tip: Dry your skin gently, using tissue paper if possible.


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