Bel Col’s mission is “to transform A DREAM OF SKIN INTO REALITY by offering beauty alchemies that are highly innovative, effective and safe.”

The birth of a child marks the beginning of a new life that will be shaped by culture and beliefs to form the pillars of a unique identity as an adult.

Life missions and values ​​are fundamental tools that establish an individual’s perspective and allow transformative growth towards a positive future vision. The story of a company’s evolution is no different.

A company is born with the intrinsic values, character traits, and personality of its founders.

Appraised as one of the fastest-growing markets around the world, aesthetics often focuses on creating perfect images. This emphasis on superficial beauty often overshadows the holistic wellness of an individual. Skincare products should be at the heart of aesthetics to promote health, provide joy, and improve both physical and psychological well-being. And that is what Bel Col has at its core mission – the constant pursuit to make every person shine.

Become a Bel Col Partner!

Become a Bel Col Partner!

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Product Lines

Bel Col segments the market to achieve its two specific target markets. Bel Col’s main audience are working women that have a deep satisfaction in caring for themselves. Bel Col offers high quality products to integrate their daily skincare routine. Women that seek professional treatments in SPAs and Aesthetic clinics are also Bel Col customers. Although the male consumption of cosmetics is growing, Bel Col does not have a specific line of products for their needs yet.


As leading specialists in skin care solutions, we know the importance of offering products tailored to specific needs with reliable results. We offer a range of products that matches the primary needs to achieve a stronger and healthier skin.

Personal Care

Using the most advanced techniques and suitable ingredients avoiding harmful components, we obtain the most effective results. Recommended by experts around the world, our solutions aim to prevent and treat damaged or aged skin.


Our sunscreen and suncare products protect skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays and provides sun protection with high quality ingredients it is enriched with other actives, moisturizing
the skin while protecting.

Vegan Products

Concerned with the well-being of our clients, Bel Col also has a vegan options of products in line. Formula-enriched with carefully selected ingredients, such products are a sustainable cosmetic option for those looking for the best relationship between nature and technology.

Student Line

Especially developed for aesthetics’students, who are starting their career and intend to dedicate themselves to skin care. Bel Col ‘s student line carries ideal active ingredients for practical procedures. It also guarantees to its clients a healthy skin and a safe protocol.


Made of the highest quality materials, Bel Col accessories makes the professional work easier. They are an excellent choice to be offered as gifts to special clients.

Worldwide Point-of-Sales

Bel Col Canada

Bel Col Cosmetics
11 McAlpine Ave – London, ON
N6J 2T3
Phone: +1 (519) 697-6836

Bel Col Brazil

Bel Col Cosméticos
Av. Cachoeira, 463 – Vila Pindorama – Barueri/SP
Phone: +55 11 4161.8450

Bel Col Malaysia

Class Beauty Supplier SDN BHD

NO 46-2 Pusat Perdagangan One Puchong Jalan OP 1/3
Phone: +6019-3334718

Bel Col Peru

Excellence Medical Esthetic
Av. Juan de Aliaga 455 7mo Piso, Magdalena del Mar – Lima
Phone: +511 441.3596
What’s app: +51 994 212 406

Bel Col Portugal

Glamour dos Deuses

Av. Fernão Magalhães, 487
Paço Vedro de Magalhães
Ponte da Barca
hone: +35 1 935788371

Bel Col Switzerland, Austria & Liechtenstein

Care Concept Bel Col
Bahnhofstrasse 33 – CH -8703 Erlenbach
Phone: +41 78 693 35 35

Bel Col Sorocaba

Bel Col Maceió

Bel Col Manaus

Bel Col Fortaleza

Bel Col Salvador

Bel Col Juazeiro do Norte

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Bel Col Aracaju

Headquarters: Brazil
Subsidiary: Canada
Distributors: Austria • Liechtenstein • Malaysia • Panama • Peru • Portugal • Switzerland

About Bel Col

Bel Col Cosmetics specializes in the creation of technologically advanced skincare products. Our name is derived from Bel beleza for beauty and Col for collagen which is an essential component of beautiful and healthy skin.
Established in 1993, our company started with the launch of 4 collagen serums. As an industry pioneer, Bel Col now offers over 130 face and body skincare products to nourish, rejuvenate, and promote overall health of your skin. We offer a complete line for cleansing, toning, sun protection, anti-acne, acids, masks, and biotechnology creams and serums.
Our personal skincare products are formulated to replenish, regenerate, firm and nourish skin with increased collagen, rich vitamins, essential minerals, and powerful antioxidants. Healthy skin is able to defend against free radicals like ultraviolet rays, air pollution, and stress that damage cell tissue leading to signs of aging and hyperpigmentation. Bel Col provides solutions for all skin types.
We offer professional skincare collections for spas, dermatologist offices, and skin clinics. Our concentrated ingredients leave skin feeling noticeably softer, firmer, radiant, and improve overall skin health.
Discover the power of Bel Col. A Dream of Skin for Life.
Bel Col products are in compliance in Canada, Latin America, and the European Community.

Industrial Site

Own production plant

Our production is insource, enabling us to we keep track on all steps of the production chain to guarantee the quality of our products (GMP – ANVISA certified). We have a high performance team of 60 employees.

Stablished R&D department

We develop our formulas internally, this allows
us to maintain competitive advantages such
as closer technical control, freedom to make
modifications, enhancements and new products.

Bel Col Provides

Shelf life

36 months average, 12 months minimum.

Batch Number and Exp. Date

All packages come marked with batch number and expiration date.

High Quality Images

We offer images of all products and graphic material in high definition.

Technical Support

Full tech support for both professionals
and end consumers questions.

Product's training

Complete training of all our products

Together we grow faster

All customers who contact Bel Col directly are redirected to the importer and/or distributor of the region. Our importers and distributors contact data are available for access on our web-site.

Brands of the Group

It is a cosmetic brand, in the market since 1993. Specialized in the professional segment of aesthetics, but also with segmented lines for the end consumer.

Tailored for retailers, this cosmetic brand delivers extremely cleansing high power, but it is gentle to the skin. 

Focused on the growing sustainable market, Visso Natural delivers great results taking care of the world with eco consciousness.

Cosmetic Industry, Private Label, High Quality GMP Certified

Educational Activities and Training
Brazilian Institute of Aesthetic and Cosmetology

Advertising Agency. Full Service 360

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