FitoSense Anti-aging for Sensitive Skin


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Features and Benefits

Considering an increasingly present holistic approach to personal care Bel Col presents a line of dermocosmetics for daily use, especially aimed at rejuvenating sensitive skin.

FitoSense line uses ingredients traditionally renowned to contain the signs of time as well as the CBA COPAIBA, a safe exogenous cannabinoid with superior action to CBD from Cannabis, which promotes calming action and improves the action of healing, in addition to offering a feeling of relaxation and well-being.
With dermatologically tested formulations in all products becomes an incomparable solution for sensitive skin, discover its benefits:

• Fights and prevents the effects of premature aging;
• Tones, hydrates and restores the skin;
• Reduces photoaging stains;
• Improves firmness, elasticity and skin tone.


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