ChinUP – Lifting Protocol


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Features and Benefits

ChinUP is an aesthetic treatment for the reduction of double chin and horizontal wrinkles in the neck and décolleté area. The treatment is effective in lipolysis (fat breakdown), reducing double chin, improving skin sagging, and diminishing horizontal neck wrinkles. It also promotes brightening and hydration with a lifting effect in the region.

Step 1 – Skin Preparation
After cleansing and exfoliation, with dry skin, apply 4 to 6 drops of the AHA blend over the entire area, leave it on for 10 minutes, and neutralize with cotton pads moistened with water.

Step 2 – Lifting Massage
Perform lifting massage maneuvers using the Massage Cream (Slim R) over the entire area (~0.5 g – 1 teaspoon).

Step 3 – Oclusive Mask
In a small bowl, mix well one portion of Yellow Clay Mask and three sprays of SOS Complex (~2g of each) and apply to the area. Cover the area with an osmotic film and leave it on for approximately 20 minutes. Remove the osmotic film and spray water over the mask. Perform intense massage movements. Remove the mask with paper towels, and any residue on the skin should be removed with cotton pads moistened with water.

Step 4 – Up-Lifting
Apply 3 to 4 drops of the Lifting Serum (Bel Col 4) to the area, promoting tapping and circular movements until the product is fully absorbed. Do not remove, and if necessary, use sunscreen.

Frequency: 4 sessions within 30 days, with applications once a week.

Home Care Indication: On days without professional protocol application, use the Revigor Cream or Estriout daily, twice a day.

Efficacy Studies:
An evaluation of the lifting effect efficacy was conducted for the improvement of the submental region (double chin). The clinical trial was carried out with regular and prolonged application, assessing the cosmetic qualities under normal usage conditions with dermatological supervision and application by an aesthetic professional.

What to expect from this protocol?
– Reduction of double chin
– Toning with a lifting effect
– Improved skin elasticity
– Reduction of surface imperfections
– Uniformity of the tissue
– Skin nourishment and hydration
– Brightening of the area (revitalizes and illuminates)



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