Hialuderme – Hyaluronic Acid


Hialuderme is anti-aging skincare to intensely moisturize and improve overall skin appearance and firmness with its hyaluronic acid formula. 

What makes hyaluronic acid good for skin?

Hyaluronic acid is found in every tissue in the body and has a unique ability to retain moisture and replenish the skin’s extracellular matrix. This acid can absorb and retain up to 100 times its own weight in water, contributing to healthy skin tissue moisture equilibrium.

Hialuderme and aging

 Aging decreases the natural hydration of your skin by approximately 1% every year. Middle age lowers the skin’s natural moisture balance by an average of 40%, leading to dryness, a decrease in necessary skin protection, and the appearance of aging. This fluid imbalance causes irregular toxin elimination in connective tissue. Hialuderme is the best moisturizer for aging skin over 60 years old.

Hialuderme is an effective advanced technological formula to prevent the signs of aging, eliminate toxins, and strengthen the skin’s defence against free-radical damage caused by air pollution, smoking, and UV light exposure. This best anti-aging skincare line protects tissues, promotes vigour, vitalization, firmness and elasticity as it reduces wrinkles and fine lines.

The professional Hialuderme products use carefully selected ingredients developed for professional use in medical spas, skin clinics, and dermatologist offices. Our potent Hialuderme serum and moisturizing Hialuderme Air Mask deliver rich hydration, prevent the signs of aging, and improve overall tissue appearance. Hialuderme protects skin tissue against daily pollution and other free-radical damage. 

Our home care line of anti-aging Hialuderme products are specially formulated to meet the needs of all skin types. The serum works to prevent the signs of aging that occur beginning at 20 years old. After 40 years, our antioxidant enriched formula lifts skin while providing superior hydration for healthy-looking beautiful skin.

Developed with biotechnological hyaluronic acid, Hialuderme serum provides excellent hydration as it retains moisture in the skin and improves natural tissue moisture. Suitable for all skin types, our specialized formulation contributes a protective layer to fight external free-radicals like UV exposure, stress, and air pollution.

Active Ingredient >> Biotechnology Hyaluronic Acid.

The Hialuderme Air Mask is a highly nourishing and anti-aging facial mask for professional use. The presence of hyaluronic acid and vegetal biopolymer forms a flexible film to retain water in the epidermis and reduce the signs of aging. Powerful Bubble Effervescent Technology is triggered by air creating an aerated facial mask with refreshing microbubbles. 

For visible results after the first use, use the Bel Col Hialuderme Air Mask.

Actives Ingredients >> Hyaluronic Acid; Vegetal Biopolymer.

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