The importance of using a toner in your skin care routine!

Aesthetic clinics or specialized skincare cosmetic stores often recommend using a toner lotion or astringent lotion. These lotions may be used on the face, body, or hair, and moisturize, gently cleanse, and soften skin.

Toners are used for many purposes and greatly benefit overall skin appearance and health. 

What is a toner?

In essence, the best toner is a cosmetic product in liquid form with beneficial active ingredients. These different active ingredients work together to provide noticeable treatment results.

Toners are widely used in professional aesthetic treatments and are also recommended for home use also as part of a daily skincare routine.

examples of toners

Skincare benefits of toners and lotions

A toner lotion or an astringent lotion is the foundation of the best skincare routine. These powerful formulations are created to finish a freshly washed face and prepare skin for additional skincare product use. Toner ingredients such as propylene glycol and alcohol assist the skin’s stratum corneum in preparation for the penetration of active ingredients.

“A toner is ideal to prepare the skin to receive the main active ingredient from the treatment product. Also, it leaves the skin less susceptible to irritation”.  Mayte Alvisi, Esthetician and Teacher, Rio de Janeiro

In addition, after the use of soap or cleanser, toner is necessary to remove the residues left from the cleaning products, effectively preparing the skin for the next step in your skincare routine.

“A facial tonic is a cosmetic in liquid form with active ingredients that rebalance the skin after being subjected to cleansing or exfoliating agents. Immediately after washing the face, toners play a fundamental role in rebalancing the nutrients lost with the soap.”  Marilene Coelho, Chemist and head of Bel Col R&D

A remedy for environmental and free radical damage

Moreover, it is worth remembering that the skin is an organ and the first layer is in constant contact with the harsh environment we live in. Our habits and the products we use are a major influence on our skin’s behaviour. It is recommended to apply a tonic that helps in cleansing your skin with an astringent function and is gentle with your skin’s barrier. Your skin can repair the lipid barrier that it is attacked by external aggressors and the use of soap. Necessary tissue hydration levels are maintained and the skin’s critical barrier function is preserved.

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Tonic Lotion and Adstringent Lotion

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