Hydralips Protocol

Apply a small amount of Higitonic cleansing foam to the lip area. Wait 30 seconds and clean the area. Next, remove product excess with cotton moistened with water. Suggestion: replace your taped water with Acqua Derme Bel Col

With the aid of a spatula, apply a small amount of ExfoPeeling on the lips. Wait for 5 minutes and rub (exfoliating) with your fingertips, so that the product comes off the lips, together with the dead cells.

Moisten a piece of cotton with the Pre-Inject Bel Col antiseptic solution. Apply it on the lips with dragging movements, in order to remove the residue of the exfoliant anddead cells, performing necessary the asepsis for the next step. Finally, dry the lips with a soft paper towel.

Apply a drop of the MicroSerum and spread it over the lips. Microneedle them using the procedure technique choosen. After finishing the microneedling, apply a drop of the MicroSerum, spread it and wait until the product is fully absorbed.

Apply a pump of Post-Inject, in order to nourish, hydrate and protect the region. Spread the product with your fingertips and wait for its complete absorption.

Gradually moisturize 3 grams (approximately 4 teaspoons) of Hidraplast with AcquaDerme water or a tonic lotion. Mix until it forms a creamy, but slightly firm dough. Apply the mixture on the lips and wait 10 minutes. Start the removal, detaching one side of the mask with your fingertips and keep removing it until it detaches completely. If you wish, check the video on youtube “Hidraplast Bel Col Preparation Mode” to receive further guidance on preparation. Note: apply the Hidraplat mask immediately after preparation, as it has a fast drying property.

Insert the swab into the Hidragloss bottle, until it is completely moistened with the product. Apply it on the lips and on the lip contour, so that the entire region is coverd with gloss.

Personal Care

Perform home maintenance with ExfoPeeling and HidraGloss.

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