Revitalize Set

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Features and Benefits

Know anyone that loves healthy and young looking skin? We carefully prepared this kit for them. The perfect gift, it contains:
Renove C – is a stabilized Vitamin C serum with rich antioxidant and brightening properties. Vitamin C is essential to promote the beneficial synthesis of collagen and elastin. This skin health powerhouse is excellent in combating free radicals that cause premature aging and dark spots on the skin. Renove C nourishes, rejuvenates, repairs, and protects cells to keep skin looking vibrant and healthy.
Piel Serum – is a moisturizer that guarantees a velvety face, a smooth touch, and a delightfully soft and lighted texture with only 4 drops.
Revitalize-in – facial mask – with carefully selected components, this mask offers to revitalize while remineralizing and moisturizing for the skin.


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