Essencial Facial – Deep Cleansing Kit (5 steps)

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Features and Benefits

The Essential Facial Deep Cleansing Kit by Bel Col has been set up to accompany your professional routine, transforming skin facial with deep cleansing step into a practical protocol filled with technology and key ingredients that will take care of your client’s skin. The Kit consists of 5 products:

1 Hidraclean (285 ml)
1 Bel Esfoliante (250 g)
1 Emolix Loção (300 ml)
1 Hidrafresh (285 ml)
1 Calmgel (200 g)

Step 1 | Cleansing – Hidraclean: To begin the cleansing protocol, apply the cleansing lotion to the skin in circular motions. Remove the product with a damp cotton pad.

Step 2 | Exfoliation – Bel Scrub: The exfoliation process will enhance cellular renewal through particles that remove dead cells. Apply a portion of the product in circular motions, gently massaging until the particles detach from the skin.

Step 3 | Softening – Emolix Lotion: In this step, preparing the skin with the emollient lotion is essential to facilitate extraction, which is a characteristic process of the cleansing protocol. Apply a portion of the product to the skin and cover with layers of damp cotton, use ozone steam or a thermal mask for 10 to 15 minutes. Then, begin the extraction procedure. *The lotion emollient is ideal for unclogging pores.

Step 4 | Toning – Hidrafresh: Toning is the step that rebalances the skin’s pH and aids in its recovery. Apply the product with cotton to the treated area. After complete absorption of the toner, apply high frequency and move on to the next step.

Step 5 | Normalization – Calmgel: The calming gel contains actives that relax the skin and provide a moisturizing effect. After high frequency, apply a layer of the product, leave it on for 10 minutes, and perform a gentle massage. Do not remove the product.

Key Ingredients
Hidraclean – Collagen and Oat
Bel Exfoliant – Apricot Seeds
Emolix Lotion – Triethanolamine
Hidrafresh – Propolis and Witch Hazel
Calmgel – Collagen, Chamomile, Calendula, Propolis, and Alpha-Bisabolol



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