Eye and face care Set

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Features and Benefits

Know anyone that loves healthy skin? We carefully prepared this kit for them. The perfect gift, it contains:
Aminoderme – MICELLAR WATER – is a delicate non-greasy cleansing solution developed with a circular micellar structure surfactant that cleans thoroughly, eliminating impurities and make-up of the skin without attacking it. It also contains 8 Amino Acids that collaborate with NMF (Natural Hydration Factor) and help to sequester skin dirt, maintaining water balance without de-structuring its pH.
Aminoderme DAY CREAM – Use it to replenish the moisture your skin loses every day. This nourishing cream is the best choice to prevent aging, and protect your skin against the loss of elasticity and moisture.
Nano Eye Solution – Eye area – This set is for dark circles and it’s composed of two products specially developed to serve on the necessity of the skin in each period: day and night. The day product is a light and smooth emulsion that provides immediate relief of the dark circles and the night product, a fluid of progressive action on the control of the dark circles, in reducing the tired look and in improving the quality of the skin around the eyes.


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