Bio Plastic – dermohydratant mask – 300g

Hydroplastic powder mask for all skin types.

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Features and Benefits

The hydroplastic finishing mask enhances the action of products on the skin, such as collagen, vitamin c, and hyaluronic acid serums. Its occlusive effect prevents the loss of water in the skin and that is why it is recommended for those who suffer from dehydration or sensitivity. It can promote brightening when combined with Aquagel and anti-aging action when using Hidragel. An excellent and essential product for application after deep cleansing the skin.

Cover the face with gauze and mix two parts of Bio Plastic with two parts of the indicated gel, gradually adding about 15 ml of water, saline solution, or tonic lotion, homogenizing until a creamy consistency is obtained. Apply to the skin and remove after 15 to 20 minutes by gently pulling to remove the mask completely.

Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid


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