Acne Control Set

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Features and Benefits

For acne control we have the perfect solution that can be the perfect gift, this set contains:
Tri-Clear – Liquid Soap – The cleansing is a fundamental step for any good treatment, but even more so for acne-prone skin. The Tri-Clear soap was developed with active ingredients that aids on the control of acne formation while cleansing deeply and delicately.
Tri-Tonic Lotion – Tri-Tonic is an astringent lotion with antiseptic action that controls oiliness and provides a skin free of excessive brightness. It helps normalize the physiological characteristics of the skin after cleansing.
Tri-Control Gel for Acne-Prone Skin – has an exclusive formula with highly effective active principles that balance the skin, controlling the appearance of blackheads and acne. Its continued use not only treats current lesions but also prevents the formation of new ones. Controls excessive oiliness, without letting the skin dry.


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